telepresence robot

Telepresence robot for your mobile phone

Simply plug your phone into the PuckBot and access movement controls and video through the phone.

Android App

Android only. Install the PuckBot app from the play store and then login on the app to connect your puckbot. You only need do this once.

Easy Online Access

Simply login to your remote PuckBot via the Login tab above in any browser or share access to your PuckBot via a simple sharing url.

No Batteries Needed

PuckBot runs entirely off the power from your mobile through the micro usb. The Plus model constantly recharges your phone via AC power.

Advanced AI robot

The Jarv advanced AI robot app utilizes the PuckBot base. Make your phone come alive on your desk.


Every conference meeting should have one

Setup PuckBot

Install App

Plug in usb

  • Plug micro usb cable into phone

Login to controls

  • Enter email & password
  • Enter Skype username
  • Change settings in profile tab
  • Generate sharing url in profile

Software Setup

Recommended Skype Settings
  1. Tick the "Answer calls automatically" option in setting so that skype will automatically answer your call.
    *Note you must install Skype app 6.33 for vision as newer versions wont auto answer with video
Share access to your robot with a simple url text link
In the profile tab you can generate a unique time based login url link which you can then simply send via messenger or paste online and give anyone who clicks this access to your PuckBot without giving out usernames and passwords. Imagine enabling low cost workers on gig sites like fiverr access to be able to actually work through the PuckBot where you are or want them to be anywhere in the world.

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Our Team

Matt developed the puckbot after some experimentation when building the RambleBot for his kids. While the RambleBot is great for outdoors often we want to communicate with a group around a dinner, computer or office table.

Contact Us

Please ask us about the PuckBot and we will let you know what we can do to help you.

If you would like a more robust telepresence experience please check out our RambleBot range.
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