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Simply plug your android phone into the PuckBot usb cable
Works with any video chat service like Skype, Google Hangouts, QQ etc


Online Movement Controls   Setting up mobile phone
Click the "Login to PuckBot" button (top right of screen) to launch a small popup control window from any browser. Then enter the account email address and password. If you have your ShieldPass security access card activated in your Profile then you will also need this card to login to your PuckBot  
  1. Install the PuckBot app on your mobile
  2. Click "Log in" on app and enter the account email address and password which will be stored
  3. Install Skype or other video chat service
  4. Install Auto-Start no root app and then add both PuckBot and Skype App so that they can both automatically restart if the mobile battery dies and the remote phone restarts.

Recommended Skype Settings
  1. Tick the "Answer calls automatically" option in setting so that skype will automatically answer your call.
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